Philips Lighting  latest luminous landmark, the Nhật Tân Bridge in Hanoi Vietnam is now completed. Philips Lighting partnered with a leading Vietnamese construction company, the Sun Group, to turn the bridge into an illuminated work of art. An urban icon—in techni-color Each night, the new lighting system bathes the bridge in a prism of colors, turning
A historic building in Oslo’s locomotive industrial zone has been transformed into contemporary offices filled with natural light. This adaptive reuse project, called Lokomotivstallen, has been praised as a positive example of recycling and historical restoration in the city. Designed by Various Architects, the modern offices house the rail-based intermodal company CargoNet. The 3,000-square-foot building
Heavy rains in India and Nepal have killed 15 people and displaced 2.3 million in just the past few days. Fortunately for approximately 600 foreigners who were visiting Sauraha, no additional lives were lost when the nearby Rapti River overflowed its banks. This is because elephants at the Chitwan National Park transported them to safety.
Design and engineering firm Carve breathed new life into one of Amsterdam’s oldest parks with a playful new blob-like playground design. The eye-catching structure is a gigantic white and lilac abstract shape that just begs for children to climb aboard its weirdness and explore its many fun features. The firm was charged with creating a new playground area