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Beijing-based Vector Architects recently transformed an abandoned sugar mill located deep in the mountainous region of Guangxi into the stunning Alila Yangshuo hotel. The architects retained and repurposed much of the sprawling 1960s complex. The old sugar refinery was built in a remote area tucked into the mountainous Guangxi region, but had been abandoned for
Plastic waste is clogging landfills and strangling the earth’s waterways – but thankfully, green design is here to save the world. Dutch designers Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have created a bioplastic made from algae that can be 3D printed into virtually any shape – and could finally provide the world with a viable green
Conservationist Paul Nicklen recorded this devastating video of a polar bear struggling to survive in a warming Arctic – and Nicklen says it’s so wrenching that “it rips your heart out of your chest.” Nicklen hopes to motivate action to save the bears and their polar climate. If that fails, he hopes to at least

Eye Care Infographic

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 by
At Philips Lighting, eye care is a key priority. We understand the importance of lighting on well-being and eye comfort, and continue to innovate to develop LEDs with features that deliver the most comfortable lighting that helps you take care of your eyes. The following infographic recaps the key findings from a national survey on