Dozens of nations signed an agreement nearly 30 years ago to stop the expansion of a massive hole in Earth’s ozone layer. Today, thanks to the Montreal Protocol, the hole in the ozone layer has shrunk as countries reduced, then eliminated, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). A new study from Geophysical Research Letters  now
Unit Cafe’s interiors are so cozy and modern it’s easy to forget that it’s built inside shipping containers. TSEH Arhitectural Group transformed 14 clunky shipping containers into Unit Cafe, a light-filled contemporary cafeteria and meeting space for the IT school ‘Unit Factory’ in Kiev, Ukraine. The 275-square-meter Unit Cafe doesn’t disguise its industrial roots. The
This gorgeous Costa Rican residence occupies a unique location near Santa Teresa Beach, where the jungle meets the Pacific Ocean. Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe designed the Ocean Eye House to provide stunning views of its natural surroundings while supporting an outdoor lifestyle. The house, listed for the WAN House of the Year 2017, rests against
Portland, Oregon’s new mixed-use development, known as Slate, consists of a shifting stack of volumes that reflect the vibrancy and complexity of the neighborhood. The development, designed by Works Progress Architecture for co-developers Urban Development Partners and Beam Development, earned LEED Gold certification as an energy-efficient complex that takes the curtain-wall system to the next level.