Scientists have been working since the 1970’s to transform algae into biofuel. Now a new breakthrough could make this alternative energy source a more viable option. Researchers from Synthetic Genomics, Inc. and ExxonMobil were able to edit the genes of an alga so it’s able to produce twice the lipids of its parent. Those lipids
This new ice cream shop in Poznań, Poland is a treat for the stomach—and the eyes. Clad in nearly a thousand white traffic cones, this spiky mobile shop for LODOVNIA is the creative work of local studio mode:lina architects. The eye-catching facade shows off an extraordinary use of an ordinary object, and references the conical
Unlike the United States of America, the prison population and crime rate in the Netherlands has been steadily decreasing for years. As a result, the country’s government is repurposing correctional facilities into housing for refugees who are waiting to be granted asylum status — a process that usually takes a minimum of six months. Not
The iconic Miami Tower is a 47-story office building located in the heart of downtown Miami, Florida, USA. This prestigious address is the home to many of Miami’s established and most influential firms. The building with its modern design is famous on the Miami skyline for its color-changing lighting scheme, and has frequently been featured