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This narrow angular treehouse in Brisbane, Australia, captures the freedom and beauty of the outdoor-indoor lifestyle. The Taringa Treehouse, designed by Phorm Architecture + Design, is nestled under a large tree and houses a study, bedroom and a climbing wall. The entire main floor can be opened up to the exterior via sliding glass walls.
With over 20 years of experience, José dos Santos; Head of Design for Philips Lighting Americas, is no stranger to design. He is a trained industrial designer, who has seen many of his designs come to life over the course of his career. Alongside his own design work, he spends his time managing design talent.
A new Swedish energy concept can turn any building into a net zero energy structure. Pioneered by Malmö-based company Innenco, the concept utilizes a building’s thermal mass to drastically reduce energy use by around 85 percent. Using active elements systems, heat pumps, chillers, and solar panels, Innenco can bring new or existing buildings to net
A giant hole the size of Maine or Lake Superior has suddenly appeared on the surface of Antarctica and scientists are not quite sure how it came into being. “It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice,” said atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus. The sudden emergence