There’s a new contender for the continent with Earth’s biggest volcanic region: Antarctica. Researchers found 91 previously unknown, massive volcanoes, ranging in height from around 328 to 12,631 feet. A University of Edinburgh third-year undergraduate student tipped the researchers off to the incredible discovery. Third-year student Max Van Wyk de Vries had the idea to
Take your home to new atmospheric levels with this incredible floating cloud lamp. Designed by Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev, Floating Cloud is a magnetically levitating ambient lamp that adds a magical touch to any room it hovers in. The designers just announced a limited production run of these unique and fluffy lamps—read on for
Electric cars are expected to reach cost parity with gas-powered vehicles as soon as 2018 – and governments around the world are introducing new legislation and incentives to keep up with increasing demand. The UK just announced a new law that requires all major petrol (gas) stations and motorway services to install electric car chargers.
United States government workers have been instructed to modify the terminology they use when talking about climate change, now that Donald Trump’s at the helm. In emails obtained by The Guardian, US Department of Agriculture (USDA) staff were told to eschew the term ‘climate change’ in favor of ‘weather extremes.’ Center for Biological Diversity attorney