Tracking has come a long way. Almost immediately after ordering you get a ding from your email. This makes it easier to prevent package theft. But what if we could eliminate it fully. During the holidays, which is supposed to about joy and laughter, you have to make sure you hide your packages in the trunk. Even then sometimes people get a window broken. This isn’t possible with your front porch. We have designed a motion sensor that can not only spook a possible suspect but save you from losing your hard earned money.

Some may think this situation is uncommon. It really isn’t and in the winter months when it gets dark sooner it happens even more. These are the days of the online ordering. People are going to the store less and less. Third-party-shipping carriers such as Amazon are booming. There are now more than 100 million Amazon Prime members. If you told that to someone 5 years ago they would never believe you. However, shopping has changed and so does our security systems.

Thankfully we have the LED lighting solutions to help make you and your home more secure.

Motion Sensor Lighting


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology put together a study on what motivates burglars to steal. This data was sourced from convicted burglars. The findings are not surprising. Nearly 25 percent consider if the home has any source of outdoor lighting when looking for  a home to target. Bright light has the benefit of startling anyone that is not expecting it. Making it extremely less likely that your home will ever be on the burglar list.

Blink commissioned a survey of 10,353 US online consumers to find out the proportion of people who have had a package stolen. We asked them the simple question. Have you had a package stolen?

The survey revealed that, on a per-capita basis, rural areas had a higher rate of packages stolen per the population, and the states with the highest rate of package theft were North Dakota (26.2 times more likely), Vermont (16.43 times more likely), Arkansas (8.28 times more likely) and New Mexico (5.8 times more likely). North Dakota residents have a higher likelihood of falling victim to package theft than Californians!”